FGM Operations Around The World

Female genitalia Mutilation is a practice on young female girls. FGM is not limited to a single community, or religion, and race. Approximately in 163 Bc the practice took place, with the Greek seemingly rewarding women to get circumcised. This practice shifted over into Egypt where they believed in Gods and believed women circumcision was a mark of womanhood.


 it is considered to be in many cultures they would cut the normal female genital tissue which causes excruciating pain and sometimes infection. It is said to be in some cultures that practise this that the procedure is to curb sexual desire and to prevent wives to staying with their husbands. This operation going on in different parts of the world is very harmful to young girls as they grow into women many of them still suffer from the operation mentally and physically. 


It can also cause hemorrhage, infertility, stillbirth, complications during pregnancy, and can even lead to death. This awful operation has been banned in many parts of the United States but there are still roughly around thousands of girls each year getting this done. There has been some progress made in eliminating this practice in the past thirty years. By advocates in some  women who have had this done and protested to stop it.