DECA Heads To States

An Insider Look at one of our Many Clubs and its Accomplishments.

DECA Heads To States

LCN DECA, gathered together before Districts began. Photo credit: Joshua Lamberti, DECA Advisor.

   Approximately one month ago, the LCN business club DECA travelled to district competitions. Many students from LCN performed excellently in the contests, allowing them to move onto the states competition in Detroit, on March 9-11. 

   The students who have the honor of advancing to states are, by division:  

   Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making: Mia Sheldon, Tillie Sheldon, Jackson Fraser, Jacob Kuchenmeister, Logan Bull, and Roger Silvestro 

   Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making: Claire Allison, and Annabella Stout 

   Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making: Madison Craig, and Marissa Skoney 

   Food Marketing Series: Kamora Sayles 

   Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling: Kyle Clayton, and Karim Tchakoute 

   Marketing Communications Series: Kayden Berger 

   School Based Enterprise: Emma Bauer, and Shelby Higel 

   Marketing Management Team Decision Making: Abygale Kovacs, and Brooklyn Lewis 

   Professional Selling Event: Connor Clayton 

   Quick Serve Restaurant Management: Elijah Ostling 

   In the district competition, members of DECA gathered at Lake Orion High School on Saturday, January 7th, showing their commitment throughout most of their weekend. Over 70 LCN students gathered in unity, dressed in professional wear, to compete in the main event of DECA districts. 

   Each member was given a prompt relating to a simulated situation, relating to business affairs in the event category they originally signed up to take part in. That prompt was provided alongside blank paper, for note-taking and potentially drawn visuals that would assist them later. After approximately ten minutes, they were taken to judges, who would listen to them present a spoken argument for how to solve the situation they were given. The students were ranked according to the practicality of their solutions, initiative taken, and professional and leadership qualities present throughout their interview. 

   At the awards ceremony, DECA members were brought on-stage at Lake Orion’s theater hall to receive medals in accordance with three different criteria: competent performance in their verbal presentations, high scores in a written exam, and the combination of their scores in both of those categories, the lattermost of which qualifying them to enter states. 

   DECA is a club affiliated with a global non-profit company of entrepreneurship and business education. It is an acronym for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Many of the club’s activities are related to building leadership skills, etiquette, and the like. LCN’s branch of the DECA club is ran by Mr. Joshua Lamberti, business teacher and DECA Advisor. Students interested in joining DECA would have to reach out to him, next school year. 

When Mr. Lamberti was asked for his comments, this is what he wrote:

“This year’s DECA is vastly different than last year’s group.  We have been figuring out ways to keep growing past our current 70 members, fundraising, hopefully participating in a community service event in the spring, and ultimately learning and networking in the world of business.   50 members competed at districts and 20 were named district champions that are now headed to the state finals.  Each one of these numbers is a record for LCN!  Last year we brought one student to Atlanta, GA and this year we will have at least two join us down in Orlando, FL.   Students that work hard get to play hard in trips to California, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.  They complete a 100 question test multiple times a year, complete role plays that are extremely competitive, and practice refining business / employability skills.   “Nothing in this life worth achieving is easy, nor is it impossible” and the state competition will test this quote by James May.   At our meetings we enjoy Crumbl Cookies, Marco’s Pizza, and Nothing ‘Bundt Cakes Cupcakes, while celebrating our success.   Business aside, I live for the competitions and showcasing who LCN students are and what we can accomplish as a group.  Students are able to meet new people, foster new friendships, and create amazing experiences away from school.”