New Abortion Law Proposed in South Carolina



A pregnant woman holds her baby belly

Although South Carolina is one among the states that currently allow abortion to be legal, on December 15th of last year, a new bill was pre-filed. 

If anyone doesn’t know, during the summer months of last year, the Supreme Court ruled in overturning Roe v. Wade which originally allowed pregnant women to have an abortion. That’s just the simple version, much more detail can be found on

The new bill that for now is being called, “South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act of 2023”, seeks to amend the once pre-Roe ban on abortions, recognizing the fetus to be a person at the moment of fertilization. According to South Carolina’s Code of Laws, this would make women who have abortions, murderers, stating that the fetus has equal protection under state law as the human does. Going by South Carolina’s Code of Laws this would mean that any woman who has an abortion can be convicted. If they plead guilty to the murder, they can be held for the death penalty or a mandatory 30 year minimum in prison. This doesn’t mean that a woman could immediately be granted the death penalty, but it’s an option. Many South Carolina lawmakers have sponsored this bill so far. 

If you also want general history about Roe v. Wade, click the link to read this article on the LCN North Star Website.

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