Doyle Harrison: An Unbelievable Story


   As Doyle Harrison was following his teammates onto the field, he was excited to play one of the most important games of the lacrosse season. The whole school was advertising the big game against our rivals, Anchor Bay, and as Harrison took the field, all he could hear was the fans cheering on the bleachers. His adrenaline was pumping, as he started blocking offensive players from getting to the goal, when a determined player from the other team rammed into him. Suddenly he was on the ground, trying to catch his breath as he saw his coach sprinting towards him. As he started getting up and feeling better he decided to try and finish the rest of the half, but something didn’t feel right. He felt pain in his right chest, and felt his lungs bouncing in his body. The pain was so bad that he was rushed to the hospital where he found out his lungs had collapsed due to the collision. 

   While he was in the hospital he underwent a surgery that caused him to have a 2 foot long tube coming out of his lungs for 8 days straight. During his time in the hospital the doctors informed him that he is going to feel a bit weaker because he lost 80% of his strength and 30 pounds. This experience took a toll on his physical health but mentally he was already back in the game, however doctors had another plan for him. Since he was 8 years old all he’s ever known was practice, conditioning, and lacrosse games. But, for three months he wasn’t able to participate in any physical activity. 

   For the first month he wasn’t able to go to school and had to thoroughly take care of his lungs. During recovery his daily routine was changing his bandages every hour, checking his lung’s capacity, and he had to use this device to practice full breaths that would help expand his lungs. Even though he had a strict schedule, the hardest part was the zero physical activity. Harrison is a very active person, and he couldn’t stand staying at home and resting. However, he is more than ready to get back on the field, saying how he feels 110% better than what he was before.  

   This season Harrison is excited to get back into the game. The team has been conditioning in order to prepare for what Harrison says will be the best season of his high school career. They have been meeting in the weight room or the pool at the school four times a week for conditioning. Harrison states; “This is the best team we’ve had in a while and everyone is really pumped for this upcoming season.” The first lacrosse game this year will be held on March 28th  at Detroit Mercy, LCN vs Dakota with more exciting games to come such as the big game against our rivals, Anchor Bay. Come out to support our team and watch as Doyle returns to the field.