What is Netflix’s new show, “Kaleidoscope?”


On January 1, 2023, Netflix released a highly anticipated limited series which could change the way shows are watched in the future. This new series titled, Kaleidoscope, is an 8 episode adventure through different points in the timeline of a heist. These episodes are split up into different groups, some taking place before, during, and even after the events of a robbery aiming to steal over 7 billion dollars in bonds. With the series being able to be watched in any order, this means that there’s over 40,300 ways to watch. Although Netflix suggests that you save the episode titled, “White”, for last. This would still give you around 5,000 different ways to enjoy the series. 


 The episodes that take place before the heist are, “Violet”, 24 years before, “Green”, 7 years before, “Yellow”, six weeks before, “Orange”, 3 weeks before, and “Blue”, which is 5 days before. The episodes titled, “Red” is the morning after the events of the heist take place, and, “Pink”, is 6 months after all of it.  The episode, “White”, is the heist itself, and will help fit all the different episodes into place after viewing. Each episode plays a role in explaining the timeline, showing how different characters meet, how the crew is formed, rivalries are created, enemies are made, and how a heist 24 years in the making is planned and played out. With these episodes being able to be watched in any order the viewer chooses, this means that everyone could have a slightly different understanding and knowledge of what is going on in the story, depending on their order and how many episodes they have watched so far. This truly gives each viewer a different perspective on the story, and a truly unique viewing experience that no other show has done before. 


 The cleverness of this new limited series is truly shocking and innovative. Even down to the episode titles and name of the series itself, the creator, Eric Garcia, had thought everything out during the making of the show. Because each episode is named a different color and watched in any order, this actually goes to represent a real kaleidoscope. They even went as far as to not number any of the episodes, and only make sure that they are labeled by the colors. Every viewer is able to have a different order in which they see events, view on different characters, knowledge of what’s happening, and how they experience this heist as a whole. Overall, this mind-bending new television drama is a game changer for the entertainment business. This show gives viewers freedom like no other show has done before. Kaleidoscope is one of the most unique and ingenious shows of this year, and has potential to become incredibly successful.