New Athletic Trainer: Morgan Michaux


 Athletics is a huge part of LCN and so is keeping our student athletes safe. A new athletic trainer, Morgan Michaux joined our staff recently. Michaux is 22 years old, and a graduate at Rochester High School. Michaux decided to further her knowledge at Western Michigan University, acquiring her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. 

   Michaux came to LCN because she wanted to start her career at a more local standpoint and build connections throughout the community. Beside being an athletic trainer at the secondary school level, she gets the chance to leave an impact on young athletes every day. Since Michaux has joined LCN’s athletic staff, she is in love with the environment at LCN and has felt nothing but welcome here. Michaux’s dream job would be being an athletic trainer for a professional football or hockey team, though her very first job was as a physical therapy technician. 

   Besides being so involved in sports work wise, Michaux was a competitive figure skater for 17 years. Michaux was on Team USA for synchronized figure skating, and now coaches figure skating as well as working as our athletic trainer here at LCN. Michaux plans to skate on their adult team in the near future as well. Michaux’s favorite professional sport to watch personally, is figure skating, but from an athletic trainer perspective she says it would be football or hockey. If Michaux became famous she thinks it would be for figure skating.

     Michaux is a huge part of our athletic program and helps keep our athletes doing the things they love most. Michaux goes to every game and sporting event, not only supporting LCN athletics and our student athletes, but keeping them safe throughout their athletic seasons. Michaux has formed amazing bonds with many athletes, and most see her as a friend as well as a trainer.