College Life in a Frat

A great opportunity for incoming freshmen at GVSU


   Delta Sigma Pi is a coeducational professional business fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. It is recognized as America’s top college business fraternity. Alex Weaver, a member of Delta Sigma Pi, is in his second year of college at Grand Valley State University, double majoring in finance and supply chain. This business frat has opened many doors and given many opportunities to Weaver, as well as improved his college experience. 

   College is a big transition and it can be hard to meet new people. Joining a club or fraternity is a great way to get involved and meet new people with similar interests. “Before I joined Delta Sigma Pi, I didn’t have any friends that shared my major or interests”, Weaver stated. By joining this fraternity, he has come out of his shell and has been able to grow professionally. This fraternity has given Weaver the opportunity to network at events for fundraising, professional development and community service. “Delta Sigma Pi gives students a really good perspective of what the business world is like compared to taking just business classes”. 

   Though joining this fraternity is a great opportunity for people interested in the business world, it is not the easiest to get into. Weaver stated that the application process can be very nerve-racking. Like all the other applicants, Weaver had an interview with the members that lasted about 10 minutes. He had to be professionally dressed, and sit in front of about 15 of the members for this interview. He stated, “This was more pressure than a longer interview because you have a shorter period of time to impress them.” After getting through the interview, he met the rest of the members and started attending events. 

   With this being Weaver’s second year as a Delta Sigma Pi member, he highly recommends that incoming freshmen with a business major join. It will get you around people who can help you grow professionally. Also, it helps you make friends with similar goals and interests. Through this fraternity, Weaver has made great connections and learned skills that he will be able to use in order to excel in the business world.