Netflix’s Lockwood and Co. Review


Emma Bowman

Lockwood and Co. Netflix banner.

  To some, seeing a ghost and fighting it is a personal nightmare, but to the characters in  the Netflix adaptation of “Lockwood and Co.” it’s an everyday occurrence. 

   On January 27th, 2023 the British paranormal detective thriller was released on Netflix in a season of eight episodes. The show follows Lucy Carlyle, played by Bridgerton actress Ruby Stokes, as she fights for a spot amongst London’s best paranormal agents. She goes on to join a small agency consisting of two teenage boys, Anthony Lockwood, played by Cameron Chapman, and George Karim, played by Ali-Hadji-Heshmati.

   The show starts out with a 13-year-old Lucy Carlyle being sold into a local paranormal agency by her abusive mother. They go on to explain that there is an epidemic of ghost appearances  happening all over Britain, and with their touch being deadly only teenagers with psychic abilities can combat them. She spent three years with this agency, until there was a tragic accident that left multiple members of her team dead. She fled to London in order to escape that life and try to make a name for herself amongst the best agencies in the world. But after being rejected by all of them she is left with Lockwood and Co. Run by two teenage boys, Carlyl fits right in.

   The trio goes on to have killer adventures that leave the viewers craving more. With the season ending on the major cliffhanger of Lockwood finally opening up the mysterious door that he was very defensive about, fans are begging for a new season. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, showrunner Joe Cornish is confident that we will see these characters again.

   Majority of the scenes were filmed in the streets of London, England, although Portland Row was completely built. All of the scenes were beautifully tied together, and with filming in London it gave the show more of an authentic feel. Even the visual effects were done perfectly, with some shows special effects being subpar compared to the story line.

 The underlying mysteries of the show leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly happen next. Making “Lockwood and Co.” a must watch Netflix original series.