Charity Week Recap

Charity Week Recap

McLaughlin, Shannon

   During the week of March 13th Charity Week at L’Anse Creuse High School- North took place. We had events like Pet Wars, Powerbuff, Ice Skating and many more. This was a great way for the crusader nation to give back to our community. 

   We kicked off Charity Week Sunday night with Powerbuff. Six teams came to the LCN gym to compete for the championship. All teams played very strong but the final game came down to the freshmen team, Geodogs, against the senior team, Teem. In the end Teem took the win with 25-12.

   On Monday night, we had an ice skating night at the Mount Clemens Ice Arena. This was a fun night with a great turnout. Throughout the week in the LGI we had a makeshift thrift store where students could come and look through donated clothes. We had jars where students could donate money to their favorite staff member’s pet with the winner being Mrs. Franks’ dog, Charley, and we partnered with different restaurants within the community to help us raise more money. 

   At the end of the week on Friday March 17th, 2023 Student Council members held the annual Charity Week  pep assembly. It started with the cheer team pumping up the crowd with a group cheer and tumbles. After everyone was in the gym the MCs announced and congratulated all of the sports teams and clubs for their recent accomplishments. The crowd participated in a group game called crowd pong. In the end the seniors and sophomores won with 5-4. 

   When we finished with crowd pong they did a giveaway for the crowds. A senior, Isaiah Gitau, said, “I liked the giveaways. I got a rubber duck!”. Throughout the rest of the assembly we played games like basketball teachers vs. students, hungry hippos, and crowd members sang with different grade levels having different songs to sing. As we neared the end students gathered with numbers to reveal the grand total. 

   We ended up raising $12,578.36 for the Special Olympics, Rejoiceful Rescue, and The Macomb Charitable Foundation. The pep assembly was a fun way to end this amazing week. LCN senior, Roger Silvestro, added, “I feel like this is a great event held by our student council and next year we’re going to come back and raise that number.”  

   Everything this past week was very successful and everyone is overjoyed with the results. All the hard work that many in this school have put in does not go unnoticed. Many students and staff members put in hours of work to make this week go by as smoothly as possible.