Detroit Lions Are Signing For Success


  Free agency in the NFL has been in full swing since March 13th. For those who may not know, free agency is when all free agents in the league have the option to sign with any team who is interested or to resign with the current team they are on. To be a free agent, a player’s contract with a team has to expire. Due to many contracts ending this year, there have been lots of star players leaving their former teams and signing elsewhere. It’s been a hectic time for all 32 teams in the NFL but specifically for the Detroit Lions it’s been a great one. Here is my official grading for the Lions notable free agent signings thus far. 

Cam Sutton, CB – 3 year $33 million deal: A-

  Lions wasted no time when signing their first new free agent of the year Cam Sutton, former CB from the Pittsburgh Steelers, to a three year deal worth $33 million. This is a great pickup from the Lions as they desperately need to improve their secondary on defense. Sutton is a fierce cornerback. He doesn’t allow many yards, gets in the way of opposing receivers routes, and gets lots of pass deflections. Often lacks interceptions but when he does get them it comes in clutch times. Off the field he is a great guy who cares for the community and is a huge team player. For sure an exciting player to look out for this upcoming season.


David Montgomery, RB – 3 year $18 million deal: B+

  After losing explosive RB Jamaal Williams in free agency, Lions upgraded with the signing of star RB, David Montgomery from the Chicago Bears. After emerging into the league as a rookie running back in 2019, he has been a very efficient upside running back who runs the ball with meaning and stays healthy throughout the majority of the season. He isn’t the perfect running back but now that he will be behind a top five offensive line look for Montgomery to deal some damage in the backfield. Montgomery’s deal is three years long, and worth $18 million. 


Emmanuel Mosley, CB – 1 year $6 million deal: C

  With the need for some depth at cornerback, Lions signed former San Francisco 49er CB Emmanuel Mosley to a one year six million dollar deal. After only playing four games last season before suffering a torn ACL injury, Mosley’s worth has become a setback. When healthy though, the 26 year old kid can be a huge factor on any defense. For the most part Mosley is just an average CB on defense but if fitted within the right system which the Lions seem to have, Mosley has the chance to do some great things with the help of his secondary teammates.


   C.J. Gardner-Johnson, S – 1 year $8 million deal: A

  With this most recent signing for the Lions in free agency, comes a phenomenal deal with former Philadelphia Eagle safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson for one  year and only $8 million. What an absolute steal for the raw talent Johnson offers. After playing a key role in the Eagles secondary defense which helped lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl this past season, Johnson has a crazy high ceiling of skill and talent in any zone coverage. With his backpedal speed, awareness, timing, and a great ball hawk eye, Johnson looks to come into Detroit as the number one star safety. Can’t wait to see the impact Johnson makes for the Lions in what looks to be a “prove it” season for the young star.


Isaiah Buggs, DT – 2 years $6 million deal: C+

  High caliber defensive tackle, Isaiah Buggs, resigns with the Lions for $6 million on a two year deal. After dominating the DT position this past season on the Lions with 44 total tackles, it was a no brainer for both sides to come to a mutual decision. Buggs, who loves the city of Detroit and is coming off his best career season, was a needed return based on the energy he brings to the defensive line. To fans of Detroit, he is known for his personality off the field so this is one many are happy to have back.

  Coming off a dominating end to the ‘22-23’ season, it was clear to the Lions front office as to what their needs are. Lions seem to have their priorities in check after signing these much needed players. The future is starting to look really bright for this team and this just seems to be the beginning. As Lions fans we always say this is gonna be our year every season, but we may not have to wait long until that saying becomes true.