2023 Pet Wars Winner: Charley

   Pet Wars came to an end last week during our Charity Week pep assembly. During the pep assembly they announced that Mrs. Franks’ pet, Charley, was LCN’s 2023 Pet Wars Winner.               

   Charley’s a six year old Mini-Goldendoodle. Charley’s favorite things to do are to play fetch, destroy stuffed animals, and cuddle. His favorite treats are the few tiny chunks of steak he gets with his food on Sundays. 

   Mrs. Franks’ states, “ I was excited for Charley and for his human brothers at home who were really, really hopeful for a first place win this year. I was especially proud of my students for their hard work and generosity in fundraising for the rescue foundation. I’m also proud of Charley for his good behavior at school, for making students smile with his playful and loving personality, and, of course, for being bilingual and able to sing! He is by far the best pet we ever had, who brings a smile to everyone he meets and greets.”

   Charley wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in Pet Wars, and that we are all winners who should be very proud of the money we raised collectively to help animals at the Rejoiceful Rescue Foundation.