LCN Junior Makes State Student Council Board

 Throughout LCN there is so much pride in their student-led councils. Student Council is run by Mrs. Hough and Mrs. Forrey and many of our Crusader family members participate in planning the school events, spirit weeks and so much more. 

   Aby Kovacs is a Junior at LCN. Kovacs has been involved in Student Council since elementary school, but got more involved freshman year. Kovacs took her Student Council experience one step further than being involved here at LCN. When she was accepted onto the State Student Council Board, which is a huge achievement for her.

   Kovacs got on the State Student Council Board by going to many of the Michigan Associations of Student Councils and Honor Societies events which the board of delegates were running and applying for the position, hoping she would get accepted. Kovacs stated, “I saw what they were doing and decided that I wanted to be a part of it.” The application Kovacs had to complete consisted of an interview, video, resume, and a teacher recommendation. 

   Mrs. Hough states, “I think Aby is a great choice for the eBoard for Board of Delegates because she is passionate about StuCo and making it better for everyone. She is driven and dedicated and she continues to amaze me on a daily basis.” One word that could be used to describe Aby is phenomenal. Mrs. Hough also states, “Aby is an amazing and stellar Student Council Member. She is currently our Secretary on our Executive Board at LCN (eBoard) and she serves on the Center 9 Board of Delegates for the Michigan Association of Student Councils for MASC/MAHS. She is full of perseverance, determination, and dedication to both Crusader Nation and Student Council.”

   With Kovacs on the Board it is possible that very good things could come out of this for our school. Kovacs now gets to be a part of the behind-the-scenes for all the leadership training, regionals, and state conferences that our Student Council attends. Kovacs gets to help run breakout rooms and activities that allow the students at those events to expand their leadership skills. 

   Kovacs was inspired to become a part of the State Student Council Board because she wanted to be a part of the organization that does good for the students all across the state as well as strengthen her leadership skills, which she knew the Board would help her achieve. 

   While she spends her time on the board, Kovacs plans to affect more people in a positive way to make a bigger impact. Kovacs states, “ I am also hoping to bring good ideas and events from other schools back to our school.”