2023 Mock Elections: Results


Every year at LCN, the senior class puts out voting for a class-wide mock election. In this voting, you get to vote for anyone from the senior class in many different categories, including best dressed, best friends, and even most likely to become president. It is a great way to finish the year, and it is something you can look back on in future years to remember your senior year.


Class Clown: Austin Kajy

   Class clown has always been a negative term growing up; in elementary school, teachers named them distracting, rude, or disrespectful. But to many, they are joyful, a breath of fresh air, and a great relief from a hard day. “Class Clowns” main goal is to make people laugh for the joy of seeing others smile.

“Why do you think you were voted class clown?” 

Kajy: “I think everyone has been feeling down lately, especially since the pandemic started. However, I’m fortunate to have a naturally funny personality, and I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh. Whether it’s through jokes, pranks, or just being silly, I like bringing joy to the classroom and to people’s lives. So I feel like being the class clown is something that comes naturally to me, and I’m happy to have the ability to make others smile.”


Most Likely to Become Famous: Stevie Mauk & Bailey Havrilla

   Growing up, you want to be everything in the world; a princess, a firefighter, or maybe even a fairy. Some people want to be famous, and many make that dream a reality. Social media has become a significant part of our lives whether we like it or not, and many have learned to make it a prominent part of their lives.

“When you become famous, what would it be for?”

Mauk: “Modeling or for being a comedian, because I’m super funny.”

Havrilla: “Something like Kim Kardashian, or just being me.”


Best Smile: Nathan Steinhauser & Allison Reeder

   Smiling is contagious. When the right person makes you smile, you remember it forever; these people have the “right” outlook on life. They see the good and decide to highlight it in every way possible by appreciating the little things.”

“What is one thing that makes you smile?”

Reeder: “When it’s sunny out/summertime.”

Steinhauser: “My dogs mainly, but honestly, it’s just everyday life, man. There is really no reason NOT to smile.”


Most Theatrical: Emma Bryzik & Elijah Ostling

   High school theater is what many people strive to do once they reach high school. The full productions, the thrill of auditions, and even just finding more people that share the same interest as you and becoming one big family. As seniors, these students will be sad to leave but excited to see what the future holds for them.

“What was your favorite performance in your entire high school year?”

Bryzik: “Alice @ Wonderland; I fully connected with my character, and I’ve never felt so comfortable on stage; it was such an unforgettable experience.”

Ostling: “Definitely Scuttle from The Little Mermaid. I was able to experience singing for a crowd, and their excitement was more than worth the effort.”


Most Athletic: Adam Koch & Makayla Downs

   Athletics/sports play a significant role in high schooler’s lives. As athletes, we all strive to be the best we can be at everything we do. Sports are the most significant ways we decompress after a long day at school. It’s how we can express ourselves, no matter what sport you play: cheer, dance, basketball, or soccer.

“What got you into sports?” 

Koch: “My parents played a big impact on me getting into sports. My dad introduced me to soccer at first, and I fell in love with it since I was really little. He then showed me football and basketball, and I would play with him on the driveway forever. With both my parents playing sports in high school, their love for the sports ran off on me, and I fell in love with them too.”

Downs: “Me and my dad were always hanging out together and watching TV. It has always been sports.”


Most School Spirit: Evelyn Maiuri & Trysten Smith (TC)

   Having the most school spirit doesn’t just mean dressing up for every spirit day. It also means having pride in the school you go to. LCN pride has become more significant as we progress as a school, showing what it takes to be a crusader and presenting that in their day-to-day routines.

“What was your favorite spirit day?” and “One favorite School Event?”

Maiuri: “Cowboys V.S Aliens” & “Homecoming.”

Smith: “USA or Hawaiian” & “Black History Month Celebration.”


Biggest Brain: Brian Mei & AnnDee Geddes

   Being the smartest doesn’t always mean you have solved all your problems. As humans, we all have our quirks and the things that challenge us: many struggle with mental health, fitting in, or even standing out as a person. The biggest brain doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, and it just means to be you no matter what.

“What’s one thing that challenges you?”

Geddes: “Constantly trying to improve in the things that I do.”

Mei: “Getting the drive to get started on something.”


Biggest Heart: Adriana Agosta & Ethan Breitenbeck

   Having the biggest heart not only shows how much love they have for others but how these people spread love in their everyday lives. Being asked “what’s one thing you love?” begs the question of “what do I love and how do I show it?”

“What is one thing you love?” 

Agosta: “Bringing joy to people’s day, being a good friend, and Starbucks.”

Breitenbeck: “My Girlfriend, Megan.”


Social Butterfly: Trysten Smith (TC)  & Kaitlynn Nguyen

   Social Butterflies are defined as “a socially dynamic person who has natural charisma.” These people enjoy hanging out with friends and being just a friendly person to everyone, they get along with anyone, and they take the extra leap of friendship that makes them memorable.

“What’s your favorite thing to do with friends?”

Smith: “Vacations, anything with traveling out of state.”

Nguyen: “Hanging out at someone’s house or going out to lunch.” 


Best Dressed: Grady Callahan & Madeline Joquico

   What we wear every day does not define who we are, but it is one of the ways we can express ourselves. People grab style inspiration from everywhere; many see people on the street and adapt to their different styles. As a society, new and different trends are starting daily, and whatever sticks is up to us.

“Who/What is your style inspiration?” 

Callahan: “I just wear whatever I think is cool, and if it works, it works.”

Joquico: “I would say I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest,but also pop culture.”


Serious Senioritis: Avery Kushel & Carolyn Wyatt

   Senioritis is “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” As seniors, we are just as excited to end the year as we were to start it. We are in school from September until the end of May, eight whole months of high school to end it,and be in college for another four years. 

“When did senioritis start for you?”

Kushel: “Freshman year, when I entered the school.”

Wyatt: “Definitely after Christmas Break.”


Most Likely to Brighten your Day: Adriana Agosta & Brian Mei

   When others go out of their way to help brighten people’s day, it shows the type of person they are to others. Giving small compliments in the halls to people who need that little extra boost to their day, or even a simple wave/“Hello!” sticks with people all day.

“What is your favorite way to brighten people’s day?”

Agosta: “Hugs, waving to people in the hallways, and compliments.”

Mei: “I just be myself, I don’t really change anything.”


Best Glow up: Doyle Harrison & Natalie Heitchue

   “Glowing up” doesn’t just have to mean physical appearance. Throughout the years, you can “glow up” mentally too. As we get older, we learn many new things about ourselves, and personal growth is all about finding yourself and being happy with who you are and want to be.

“How do you feel you have changed from freshman year?”

Harrison: “I have gained confidence, and I feel that I have really grown as a person and improved who I am.”

Heitchue: “I feel my maturity level and my personal growth has changed since I was a freshman.” 


Best Friends: Sophia Miller & Brooke Knight 

   Having a best friend is like having a built-in sister, whether you grew up with them or just met them. Being best friends in high school means you can create the best memories that you will hold onto before you continue with your life. Creating these memories with your best friend 

“Who is your best friend? And what is your favorite memory with them?”

Miller: “Sam DeCeuninck. My favorite memory with her is playing on the LCN soccer team together since we were freshmen.”

Knight: “Abby Rickert. I’d say there’s not just one favorite memory. Growing up together, she was like my built-in best friend since kindergarten. I love going on family vacations with her and just going through life with her by my side.”


Cutest Couple: Ethan Britenbeck & Megan O’Malley

   Being voted/nominated for cutest couple shows that two people fit together and form a perfect pair even at the young age of 16. High school relationships don’t always work out, but if you ever find that perfect person, and it just so happens to be in high school, you have won the love lottery, and maybe the luckiest person ever.

“What’s your favorite memory together?” 

O’Malley: “When we both made it on Homecoming Court.”

Britenbeck: “Dancing together at Homecoming.”


Fashionably Late: Kaosarat Moshood

   We are all late for our reasons: woke up late, took too long getting ready, or didn’t want to come. Being fashionably late doesn’t just mean you were a couple of minutes late; it means you are late by a long shot, but for a good reason. You may be fashionably late to make a statement or just because your hair needed that extra 15 minutes to make sure you look your best every 


“Why do you think you’re always late?”

Mashood: “I run on black time, you always gotta had an hour”


Most Likely to Become President: Kaosarat Moshood & Matthew Kiewski

   Children want to become many things by the time they get older, and being the president doesn’t fall too far behind on many lists. Becoming president to a kid means that you can get rid of nap time for all the children in the world, kid diets will only consist of candy forever. But to young adults becoming president means that they can make the world a better place for them, their family, and for the many people who have yet to see this world. 

“If you were to become president, what is one rule you would implement?”

Mashood: “Each kid is allowed one mental health day a month and it doesn’t count against them for attendance.”

Kiewski: “As president, I would implement a policy that increases access to mental health care, promotes mental health education and awareness, and invests in research to address the underlying causes of mental health issues.”