The Truth Behind The Troubled Teen Industry



   The troubled teen industry consists of facilities that are designed to control behavior, but in reality they have caused years of trauma for the teens forced into the industry. 

   More recently, survivors have spoken out about their experiences in the industry. There have been reports of child abuse, corruption, and even death. 

   Their stories often start the same way. The teens were abruptly taken out of their homes against their will. Then they are taken to the facility with no information on where they’re going. The teens often think they are being kidnapped. Some try to fight back, but they often fail on escaping. They are often searched, showered, and given uniforms. Then they are put into rooms. At night, instead of sleeping, they wonder how their parents could be so cruel to send them there. To make matters worse, there are strict rules the teens have to follow. In many camps, the teens have to hike a certain distance, or there will be consequences. This can take a toll on their bodies. Day after day, it physically and mentally drains them. The worst part is that many of the facilities are not government regulated. Therefore, a lot of people aren’t aware of what goes on inside.

   Some may ask, why in the world would their own parents send them to these facilities? The companies have convincing marketing, so they tend to market towards the idea that you should save your child before it’s too late. If they are trying to be a decent parent, they send them to the facilities, only for the betterment of the teen. The parents often have to empty their bank account, just to send their child away. The facilities cost around eight thousand dollars and up, so it is not by any means, easy, to send their child away. 

   Survivors take their stories to Breaking Code Silence.  Breaking Code Silence, is a social movement and nonprofit organization about institutional abuse within the facilities, whether that be mental or physical. This movement has caused an awareness of the subject. Only because survivors of the industry were vulnerable enough to share their stories. One of those survivors was the well known American media star, Paris Hilton. At 16, Hilton was sent to therapeutic residential care at Provo Canyon school, in Utah. She sheds light on the traumatic experience in her documentary, This Is Paris. Her documentary has inspired others to speak up as well.

   The troubled teen industry has helped few, but many teens have suffered from it. As time goes on, more cases of abuse and corruption arise. Survivors are beginning to come together and spread awareness on this traumatic industry.