TikTok is Dangerously Addictive for Teens


   In September of 2016, the app known as “TikTok ” made its debut in different app stores nationwide. This app is a platform where people are able to post or watch short videos ranging from a few seconds to a couple minutes long. Over the years since its release, TikTok has attracted millions of users and created a massive audience.

   As of the beginning of 2023, TikTok has over 834 million users worldwide. Of this massive following, research suggests that over 30% of these people are teenagers that use the app. With this in mind though, the popularity of this app among students has raised concerns in regards to the addictive qualities that come with it. This goes to have a concerning amount of effects on the mental health and academic performances of teens.

   One of the primary ways in which TikTok becomes so addictive to teenagers is through the endless algorithm that the app uses. Because of this, users are able to scroll through different videos for as long as they want, repeatedly receiving new entertainment. When teens using the app are constantly being exposed to new and engaging content, it makes it hard for them to disengage from the constant loop of videos. This might lead to mindless scrolling for hours on end, without the teens even realizing it. This wasted and distracted time can really add up, and stop teens from completing everyday tasks they need to get done. Brady Kelley, Senior at L’Anse Creuse High School North says, “Tiktok is dangerous because sometimes you’re able to scroll for so long without even realizing how much time you’re wasting.”

   Along with the endless algorithm, TikTok is highly addictive because of the social features they offer as well. On the app, users are able to interact with each other through likes, comments, sharing, direct messaging, and through videos themselves. Just like other popular social media platforms that are used among teens’ age groups, these TikTok features may create a sense of social validation and connection. This leads to the users being concerned about all of these factors, and it could give them stress or anxiety. This could give the concerned people negative mindsets and attitudes, which would be applied to their real lives. It becomes a lot to handle for developing teenage brains, and could be too much of a distraction from more important things such as school, friends, and family. 

   TikTok is a highly addictive social media platform which can have serious consequences for students and teenagers. While it may seem as a quick and fun source of entertainment for many, it’s important that the users are mindful of their usage. It may be highly addictive to many people, and can cause stress to some as well. It’s important that people using platforms such as TikTok recognize the dangers the app presents, and are more mindful when using it in the future.