Emily In Paris Season 3 Review


The series “Emily In Paris”, is a binge worthy show that was number one watched for each season that premiered on Netflix.


Chicago Marketing Executive, Emily Cooper, is hired to provide an American perspective at a marketing firm in Paris. Leaving her life in Chicago, Cooper came to Paris with no idea of what was coming her way. With a huge language barrier and a different set of norms, she stood out to any French citizen. 


   After running into her neighbor, who is also the chef and owner of Les Deuex Compéres, Gabriel, her life took a spin. With no knowledge of his girlfriend Camile,Cooper fell in love with Gabriel which created complications between them.


Fast Forward to season three, Cooper is happily dating Alfie, a successful businessman from London, and Gabriel is back with Camile. Throughout the season there was an awkward tension between Gabriel and Cooper. It wasn’t stated until later, but Gabriel confessed that he still missed and loved Cooper. Watching their story unfold was one of the best parts of the season since everyone knew he still had feelings for her. 


After that encounter, Gabriel asks Camille to marry him!? Camille said yes, even though she was secretly seeing someone else, except it wasn’t so much of a secret since Cooper caught them but kept it to herself.


After deciding to elope, Alfie and Cooper join Camille and Gabriel to their elope, where things go down. Camille informs Gabriel that she is pregnant before saying “I do.” While standing at the altar, Camille

realizes she’s fallen in love with her mistress and that the connection between

Cooper and Gabriel still remains, so she calls off the wedding.


We’ve all been rooting for Gabriel and Cooper since season
one, but Alfie and Cooper are so perfect for each other. Although Gabriel is a chef, owns a restaurant and the spark between the two is still there, Alfie is much more superior.


Thankfully, season four got renewed, and will finish filming in September of 2023