• November 14The LCN Band place 100th with 88.325 points. This was the best showing and highest score in LCN history !! Congrats to the Marching Crusaders

  • October 22Sending our prayers and condolences to the Filbeys

  • October 19Congratulations to the girls golf on becoming co-champs on the MAC blue dual.

LCN Student Section

Morgan Sputa, Editor-in-Chief

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The LCN student section poses for a picture at their red, white and blue themed football game. Photo credit: Madison Mell ’19

  You hear them, you see them, and you want to be a part of it; the cheering, the good times and the bright colors that flood the stands at every L’Anse Creuse High School North varsity football game. “It’s fantastic to see the whole student section being excited about the game and getting into it. It’s enjoyable to hear all the cheering,” said Kurt Peters ‘19.  

   Every year, a select group of LCN students become “student section leaders.” The job of these leaders is to attend the varsity sporting events, encourage their fellow classmates to come out and support and cheer on the varsity athletes. “Being a leader to me means setting an example for everyone and encouraging everyone to participate,” said Evan Hoggard ‘19. 

   Every year the student section leader(s) have been graduating seniors. One of last year’s student section leaders, Dane Martin ‘18, passed the torch down to Evan Hoggard ‘19, Corben Symons ‘19, Luke Manteuffel‘19 and Kurt Peters ‘19.

Most, if not all, of the students look forward to supporting the football team dressed in their fun bright colored clothing based upon what theme the game is that week. The most popular game themes are; “USA”, “black and gold”, “Hawaiian” and the “frat” theme.

 The student section is a great place to be during any sporting event and everyone should attend the varsity athletics for support and to be a part of such a great thing.

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Morgan Sputa, Editor-in-Chief

Name: Morgan Sputa

Grade: 12th

Position on staff: Editor-in-Chief

Fun fact about me: I want to attend college for neuroscience or criminology


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