Fantasy Football

David Messina, Guest Writer

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Fantasy football is now underway for the 2018-2019 NFL season, and it’s at the peak of popularity. The main factor the success of the fantasy football industry, some may say is fantasy football is free to play, depending on what type of league you play in.
Anyone can create their own fantasy football league on the website of their choice. Some of these include ESPN, Yahoo, Draft Kings, and CBS. All of these companies have great track records and history of having great fantasy football leagues. As of 2018, CBS is the most visited fantasy football site. However, all of these companies have had fantasy football leagues since the early 2000’s.
After creating a league, you can then invite friends or family to your own customized league. The owner of the league can create the rules of league, like how many points a player earns when getting a touchdown. There are different types of scoring leagues when it comes to fantasy football. There is standard scoring, which counts as 6 points for a running back and wide receiver, while quarterbacks earn 3 points for a passing touchdown. Then there is P.P.R (points per reception) scoring, which is similar to standard scoring only a player that catches the ball will be rewarded with one point no matter how many yards they gain.
All in all, the purpose of fantasy football is to have fun. You can talk smack to friends when playing them in weekly matchups, and earn bragging rights by winning the league. If you haven’t already given fantasy football a try, you should now.