What Does Your Zodiac Sign Tell About You?

October 17, 2018



DISCLAIMER: The following statements are opinions based off of research. The following may or may not apply to you. We are not specialized in this field.


Whether you’re into Astrology or not, it’s fun to explore about what your zodiac can say about you! Each Zodiac has its own persona and unique qualities. As you read the traits that correspond with each sign, you may see how they fit into your personality!


Date: January 20 – February 18

Element: Air

Without any hesitation, you’re not afraid to speak up… so outspoken and blunt. No matter what, you never seem to fail to tell people what’s on your mind without any sugar coat- you simply tell it how it is. But, who doesn’t need a reality check once in a while? In addition, it would be rare if someone said that making conversation with you was hard. This is because people think that having a conversation with you is fun and easy to start up, partly because you’re always full of attracting ideas…partly because you’re so truthful. As a matter of fact, one should just call your personality magnetic! Although, having many friends doesn’t necessarily mean that you give your full self to every one of them, you seem to be wise on choosing who is worth seeing the true you. Your high intuition and emotional intelligence make people want to know you on a personal level and see what you can bring to the table.


Date: February 18 – March 20

Element: Water

Oooooo, the ever dreamy Pisces, why don’t you let us into your dreamy world? Anyone would feel privileged to be part of it! You’re so idealistic, and even though many may argue that being idealistic is a bad thing… you should beg to differ. Being idealistic allows you to do the following: seek the best in others, constantly work on yourself, never lose hope, and to be open-minded. You’re so compassionate and spiritual. Pisces are known as people that have a lot of wisdom within them. In fact, you have the habit of putting others’ needs before your own. This just shows how far you are willing to go for a person you truly care for: a lot indeed. People admire your selflessness and your strong intuition of understanding the life cycle. No matter what, you always seem to forgive, perhaps because your tolerance exceeds the 1-10 scale! If you fall under the zodiac sign Pisces, you’re known to be the most effective problem solvers from all the 12 zodiac signs. Pisces are able to imagine an outcome that is better than anything otherwise conceived of. Be careful though, your tendency to be in a magical world can leave you detached from your reality.


Date: March 20 – April 20

Element: Fire

Aries is the first zodiac sign from all 12, and are looked as the leaders of the pack. Aries people are always the ones to get things going; however, an Aries is more about initiative rather than completion. It’s okay though! After all, you’re leading the way toward success. You are always ready to tackle a challenge that’s given to you- it’s all about go, go, go! An Aries never just does something because everyone else is, you always do you. Your independence certainly boosts up your confidence. Impulsive Aries can be tempted to let in others on their ideas, sometimes up to the point where you can overwhelm them without asking if they wanted to know in the first place. But why shouldn’t you give people the honor to know what plans you have plotting in your head? Like Aquarius people, an Aries is also about honesty and truthfulness. A-R-I-E-S, A for assertive, R for ready, I for impulsive, E for energetic, and S for self-reliant. Aries people are driven by their strong belief in whatever that may be, you simply just know how to take charge. Given the fact that you’re fearless, it can make anyone jump out of their seats trying to come up with a prediction on what your next move may be.


Date: April 20- May 20

Element: Earth

There’s definitely a reason that your sign is portrayed as a bull. Your character is stronger than most and will never go down without a fight or before giving your all. Typically a Taurus is independent, although they like to surround themselves with dependent people because they find happiness in helping and supporting others. Once a Taurus takes on a job, they rather do it right than to be the first one done. That quality matched with their dependability makes you an excellent student and employee. A Taurus is typically a very down to earth person, possibly the most out of the other two earth signs. Tarsus is usually close to nature and living things such as people or animals. When things get chaotic, you possess a calming voice of reason and reassurance.


Date: May 21 – June 21

Element: Air

The Gemini Twins (symbol)! Oh, how you’ll never know what a Gemini may bring. Geminis are said to have a dual nature, which is why they are also called the Gemini Twins. Geminis are mysterious. They never give too much and they never give too little. This is what attracts people to them! The duality of their personality allows them to adapt to any situation with ease. Geminis are also curious about things they haven’t come across. Why, you may ask- because they wish they had the answers to everything. Driven by as much information they can soak up, they think fast and have a constant thirst for knowledge. Geminis tend to be intellectuals, yet they can be scatterbrained. Can a Gemini ever be boring? Never! Gemini people are fascinated with the world itself, they have an uninterrupted feeling that there just isn’t enough time to experience everything they want to see or do. This, of course, makes them far from boring, but rather inspiring. One of the many gifts that Geminis bring is their strong communication. Geminis communicate effectively and think clearly, like a Libra, they think before they speak. At the end of the day, being clever and curious urges Gemini to explore and seek new possibilities. A Gemini’s mind is observant for new ideas and always active, something that sure brings excitement to life and anyone else around them.


Date: June 21 – July 22

Element: Water

To any Cancer, or someone’s who’s familiar with the sign, there is absolutely no surprise that their element is water. Cancers are very intact with their emotions and often wear their hearts on their sleeve this often leads to hurt feelings but, Cancers live on and love on. Cancers are often guilty of ‘people watching’ as their curiosity often takes over. As for your personality, you are constantly changing which makes you unpredictable. You are neither an introvert nor an extrovert- You are both! This means you often can be bubbly and outgoing by hanging out with friends or going to events. However: You also need plenty of alone time- and I mean plenty. You often need days or maybe the weekend to decompress and unwind. However; you don’t like to be alone long enough to not be current in recent drama.


Date: July 23- August 22

Element: Fire

Leo the lion- fierce and bright. You radiate endless energy, being ruled by the sun. Leo’s love to make people laugh and smile and therefore are the head of any joke. A Leo can almost always be found in the limelight. They love to participate in the arts such as school plays or musicals. Would you expect a Leo to be anything other than a roaring extrovert? You love to be positive and spread positivity anywhere. People love that you can find the good in any situation and always remain hopeful. You often pack a lot onto your plate and keep moving, being the busy energetic bee you are. Don’t pile your tasks too high though, a stressed Leo is not good for anyone!


Date: August 23- September 22

Element: Earth

Male and Female Virgo’s tend to be the most opposites. Female Virgos tend to be more outgoing while Males tend to keep to themselves. However; regardless of gender, Virgos are very indecisive people who tend to procrastinate. When you finally come to terms with what you want, you let your inner-perfectionist out. Not only do you hate asking for help, you are constantly criticizing them and pushing yourself to be better at everything you do. You tend to forget to take a step back and appreciate all you do and how well you do it. They are one of the most careful signs and often have to be talked into taking risks. They always think about the ‘what if’s’ and are often the ‘mother’ of the group.


Date: September 23 – October 23

Element: Air

B-A-L-A-N-C-E. Yes, you read that right! Without a doubt, Libras are known as very comprehensive people. The Libra symbol is scales; the scale tends to represent justice, balance, and equality. Libras tend to be fair with their choices, even though it takes a lot for them to make up their mind- lord help us all. Libras are known as people that tend to look at situations through different spectrums; therefore, they always manage to make it a fair game for everyone on the playing field. Libras are good teachers, for they love to promote how to handle things in the right form. Libras are very intelligent; you guys are so good with the phrase “think before you speak”. Without a doubt, people that fall under the Zodiac Sign, Libra, are known to be thorough with their work and aspect on life, a well-balanced life of course. You guys love interacting with people and getting to know what makes them who they are. Your strong sense of knowing what is right and what is wrong ultimately makes you stand out immensely.


Date: October 23 – November 22

Element: Fire

You’re so intense and you make it work. Scorpios can have their moments where they can be all about war zone, yet they can have bleeding hearts. This is why most would agree that you’re quite hard to read. Don’t get it twisted, Scorpios know what they want and tend to keep it for themselves (this is just them being secretive). One thing is for sure, as soon as a Scorpio gets mad, you should duck and go! You’re so independent and never forget to leave a statement behind wherever you go. Scorpios usually come out as intimidating, but if you get past that, they can become your ride-or-die. Your intense personality and passion for something makes others feel alive. If you’re a Scorpio, you’re not fooled easily. This. Is. Something. You. Shouldn’t. Take. For. Granted. A Scorpio is viewed as being very observant, they usually understand what others are trying to say, while knowing your true intentions. Overall, because you build relationships with only a few people, it makes others want to be one of them.


Date: November 22-December 21

Element: Fire

Sagittarius people are one of the rare signs that match their element to a T. You tend to burn hot due to your wild and energetic personalities. Sagittarius people however, are very responsible people when it comes down to it. They strategically plan out every move they make in hopes of always being successful. You tend to overanalyze things and are constantly searching for financial or school related security such as your grades.  There’s nothing you wouldn’t do to help a friend or family member. You are one of the most generous of the signs. This also means you sometimes tend to promise more than you can handle because you always want to give your friends and family the most you can. It is great to be a caring person but in the future make promises you can deliver.


Date: December 22- January 19

Element: Earth

Capricorns tend to be the most ‘motherly’ of the signs. They’re very comforting when you need them and always give good advice. Capricorns are the type of people that spend so much time caring for others that they forget to put themselves first. So, if you are a Capricorn or know one, tell them to treat themselves or just to simply relax. Capricorns tend to be very well-disciplined people and never indulge in unhealthy food or overly expensive items. Chances are you live a very organized life, and strive for perfection. They find joy in menial tasks such as cleaning their room or doing laundry. Capricorns are very friendly people who believe the ‘more the merrier’ which means they love to surround themselves with friends and family.



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