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  • November 18Congratulations to the LCN Choir Members who competed in the MSVMA State Musical Theatre Solo and Ensemble Competition this past weekend!
  • November 18Congratulations to Sarah Switzer, Carmen Blonde, Olivia Shank and Alaina Harrison for bringing home First Division ratings!
  • November 18Amazing job as well to Emily Thibault '21 for bringing home a Second Division rating!
Name: Nayely Espinoza-Perez

Grade: 12

Position on staff: Co-Editor-in-Chief

“What’s your zodiac sign?” Yes. I am the type of person who will ask someone that question. I love everything about zodiac signs. Of course, knowing someone’s zodiac sign does not mean that I know who they are already; however, in my opinion, I feel like I get a hint of where they come from. Additionally, I love to read and write. Now that I am taking several A.P. classes, I do a handful of reading inside the textbooks given. Although I am a person that's life revolves around school, I do love watching Netflix shows (especially Jane the Virgin) and spending time with friends! Whatever it may be, I always try to balance my social life with work and school. Being a senior this year comes with a lot of responsibilities and special dates; however, it is definitely an exciting year because it is my last opportunity to make a difference before I go my way to college! This year I am honored to say that this year is my third year of being in Newspaper (the first year was Journalism) and being Co-Editor-N-Chief with Brenna Filbey! I am also part of Key Club, Go Green Club, and looking forward to create a Latino Club! After high school, I hope to go into a nursing program and become a Nurse Anesthetist. A fun fact about is that I am bilingual and I know a little sign language.  

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Opinions Editor

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Nayely Espinoza-Perez